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Benefit Dinner with Raymond Arroyo and Monsignor Christopher Nalty

Newest Will Wilder book by Raymond Arroyo
First Will Wilder Book by Raymond Arroyo
Thanks to all the attendees of the March 28, 2017 Mulier Care dinner, featuring guest speakers Raymond Arroyo (EWTN) and Reverend Monsignor Christopher Nalty. It was a huge success!

Boy Scout Troop 11, one of whom was Reverend Monsignor Nalty’s nephew earning his Eagle Scout Ranking, served the dinner guests with complete honor. Ramona Stetlemeier, widow of EWTN’s founding President, was even in attendance!

Large banners of the Pregnancy Help Center mobile ultrasound unit adorned the room, and the Fleming Center at the Cathedral of the Incarnation was alive with energy. The honorary speakers shared stories about the importance of helping women in crisis pregnancies with love and prayer.

Guest speakers Reverend Monsignor Christopher Nalty, Raymond Arroyo (right) with Board Members Mathilde Nalty Mellon, her family, Jennifer Nalty Polk, Patrick Papania, and proud mother,Jane Hanemann Nalty

Legislation That Effects Our Ministry

Legislative Bodies vote on Bills that effect our clients. We want the best for the women in crisis and unplanned pregnancies. They need to receive the knowledge and care they deserve before they make informed decisions. We want them to be safe. We want them to be empowered with information, care and support in their time of need. We offer this advocacy through our ministry. We also want them to know that they will never be abandoned. We will help them throughout their pregnancies should they choose life for their child, and we offer a continuum of care throughout their pregnancies when their children are born. We also provide services for those women who do not choose life for their children in the form of post abortive counseling. Let us help you.

Why we named our mobile unit Pregnancy Help Center

A woman who struggles with a crisis or unplanned pregnancy needs help in many ways. Some women are experiencing trauma or coercion to make a decision that is not their own. Some women need more information to make an informed decision. Some women need more time to contemplate their futures. Some need a confidential and safe space to speak to a client advocate to hear what is going on in their lives. We are here to empower women to make decisions that will not endanger themselves, their children, their families, or their loved ones. We are here to offer HELP. We will never shame a woman, we will never force an agenda on a woman, and we will never treat a woman with anything other than with grace and dignity. That is what we do. The choice they make is their own choice. We will pray with them if that is what they desire. We will pray for them always. Our ministry is service. Our mission is to offer help. Always.

We’re 100 % funded for Mobile Ultrasound

Praise God, and all of our supporters! Since February of 2016, we raised 100% of the funds necessary to purchase the mobile ultrasound unit that is so needed in the Nashville area! We held a blessing and ribbon cutting for the Pregnancy Help Center on August 5, 2017. Please read more about it in the Tennessee Register:

We will continue to hold fundraising events to cover the cost of operating the mobile ultrasound unit. We have been blessed with the support of many donors, the enthusiasm of groups such as the Knights of Columbus, Women’s Auxiliaries, Parishes across the
Diocese of Nashville, New Life Resources, prayer warriors and sidewalk advocates. We welcome any opportunity to come spread our mission to any group who would be interested in assisting us in taking this unit to the streets!

We will be helping wonderful clients with this mobile unit! Just think about how this ministry will help us reach more women, allow us to advocate on their behalf, and help their families. Prayers are always needed for this endeavor. Thank you all.

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See how we are raising money for a mobile ultrasound bus

We were honored to have George Weigel — renowned theologian, ethicist and author — here in Nashville at our Mulier Care Fundraising Gala to support our Pregnancy Help Center mobile ultrasound unit! We appreciate his wonderful contribution to our cause!

Featured guest George Weigel is the author of a biography on Pope John Paul II.
Featured guest George Weigel is the author of a biography on Pope John Paul II.

Among his many publications, Mr. Weigel wrote, “Witness to Hope: The Biography of John Paul II, and “City of Saints: A Pilgrimage to John Paul II’s Krakòw.” For those of you who do not know the origin of our name, Mulier Care, it was chosen because Saint John Paul II wrote an Encyclical named Mulieris Dignitatem, which was devoted to the discussion of the dignity of women. “Mulier” is Latin for woman. We are dedicated to helping women of all races, creeds, religions, regardless of their individual circumstances. We believe that all women should be treated with dignity and respect, and they should be loved as the Lord created them to be. As Our Lady was. We still have signed copies of Mr. Weigel’s latest book if you are interested in purchasing it.

Please continue to spread the word about this important ministry, as our fundraising efforts will be crucial to our success. We have a Facebook page: “Mulier Care – Assisting Women With Unplanned Pregnancies” if you want to see our posts. And please read about our “Pregnancy Help Center Mission” to see a photo of a similar bus.

Contact Mathilde Mellon ( with any questions about sponsorships, donations to the Pregnancy Help Center by check, bank draft, or other contribution method (including interest in volunteering) by e-mail or by by mail to my attention at 2319 Castleman Drive, Nashville, TN 37215.

If you would like me to give a presentation to anyone interested in our ministry or our mission, I would be glad to do so. Father John Sims-Baker and Sandy Niesen are two others of our Board Members in Nashville, and they are also available to speak about the importance of having a front line defense against abortion providers.

-Mathilde Mellon

Help Us Operate our Pregnancy Help Center

 How You Can Help     About Muliercare

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Nashville does not currently have a pregnancy center dedicated to providing urgent assistance to women in crisis and unplanned pregnancies. So Mulier Care, came up with a solution to address this need.

While we have now raised the monies necessary to purchase this bus, we need to continue to fundraise to gather the monies necessary to operate the bus. We would like to operate this mobile ultrasound unit (like the one seen in the picture) and park it in strategic locations to offer women free services like pregnancy tests, free ultrasounds, and options counseling to women during this crucial decision-making time.

We would be extremely grateful for your help in raising funds to operate this unit, and hiring the appropriate staff to serve the women who desperately need our help. All life is precious. This ministry will give us access to women who are abortion minded, and abortion vulnerable.  Hopefully, in a safe environment, we will be able to not only teach women about their dignity as human beings, and about the sanctity of life, but we will also present them with a range of options other than abortion. We will offer them a network of support that they will need to maintain a healthy pregnancy, and to establish a stable environment for their family.

Because Mulier Care is a 501(c)3, all of your donations are tax exempt.  We will send you a letter for your files to submit to the IRS for tax purposes.

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