Legislation That Effects Our Ministry

Legislative Bodies vote on Bills that effect our clients. We want the best for the women in crisis and unplanned pregnancies. They need to receive the knowledge and care they deserve before they make informed decisions. We want them to be safe. We want them to be empowered with information, care and support in their time of need. We offer this advocacy through our ministry. We also want them to know that they will never be abandoned. We will help them throughout their pregnancies should they choose life for their child, and we offer a continuum of care throughout their pregnancies when their children are born. We also provide services for those women who do not choose life for their children in the form of post abortive counseling. Let us help you.

Author: Mathilde

Mathilde Nalty Mellon, M.A., MEd. Georgetown University: B.S.F.S. Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies: M.A. Vanderbilt Peabody School of Education: M.Ed.

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