Benefit Dinner with Raymond Arroyo and Monsignor Christopher Nalty

Newest Will Wilder book by Raymond Arroyo
First Will Wilder Book by Raymond Arroyo
Thanks to all the attendees of the March 28, 2017 Mulier Care dinner, featuring guest speakers Raymond Arroyo (EWTN) and Reverend Monsignor Christopher Nalty. It was a huge success!

Boy Scout Troop 11, one of whom was Reverend Monsignor Nalty’s nephew earning his Eagle Scout Ranking, served the dinner guests with complete honor. Ramona Stetlemeier, widow of EWTN’s founding President, was even in attendance!

Large banners of the Pregnancy Help Center mobile ultrasound unit adorned the room, and the Fleming Center at the Cathedral of the Incarnation was alive with energy. The honorary speakers shared stories about the importance of helping women in crisis pregnancies with love and prayer.

Guest speakers Reverend Monsignor Christopher Nalty, Raymond Arroyo (right) with Board Members Mathilde Nalty Mellon, her family, Jennifer Nalty Polk, Patrick Papania, and proud mother,Jane Hanemann Nalty

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